Season 2

September 19, 2005
Sheing is Believing
Home Video Release

October 3, 2006 (US); July 9, 2007 (UK); September 6, 2007 (GER); June 6, 2007 (R4)

Season Two of Medium Premiered September 19, 2005 on NBC and ended May 22nd, 2006, with a total of twenty-two episodes. Medium: The Complete Second Season (2006) was released October 13th, 2006 in the USA.

Season Overview

Allison deals with the aftermath of a comatose Kenneth Push's decision to cut his life support in the hopes of sending messages to Allison in her dreams that would lead her to the killer they pursued in season finale. Meanwhile, Joe and Allison deal with the strain her job puts on their daughters and Joe himself, who visits a therapist to work out his problems with Allison's workload.

Allison's dreams and work bring her into the circle of two other mediums who present wildly different challenges to the murder cases she works on with Manuel Devalos and Lee Scanlon. One of them, Sonny Troy, goes of to become her rival after he realizes that she is a medium as well.

Allison's daughters, Bridgette and Ariel begin to exhibit stronger symptoms of their mothers gift and create minor problems for her when they begin to question the nature of her work and become a target for the long dead serial killer, Charles Walker. Later, when she believes she's been publicly outed as a medium, she dreams of another life with her childhood sweetheart, Johnny Dunham, only to realize and appreciate the life she had with Joe and her children. Allison's secret remains undiscovered.




Home Video Release

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Episode Summaries

# Image Episode Name Ep # Original Airdate Written by Directed by
17 2x01 When Push Comes To Shove (Part 2) 01 September 19, 2005 Glenn Gordon Caron Aaron Lipstadt
While Captain Push lingers between life and death, Allison deals with marital issues with her husband as she struggles to decipher confusing messages from the other side in an attempt to stop a serial killer before he claims his next victim.
18 2x02 The Song Remains the Same 02 September 26, 2005 Bruce Miller Vincent Misiano
All outside noise is drowned when Allison wakes up with the song "I Will Survive" by Sonya Gaynor is continuously played loudly and only in Allison's head. The song gives Allison clues to the whereabouts of a missing coed.
19 2x03 Time out of Time 03 October 3, 2005 Robert Doherty Arliss Howard
Allison dreams that she's a woman who's been committed to a mental institution in 1959. After viewing taped sessions from the clinic, Allison discovers that the woman from her dream had made claims of being Allison DuBois, living in 2005.
20 2x04 Light Sleeper 04 October 10, 2005 Peter Egan Elodie Keene
Allison is sleepwalking, her dreams are forcing her to go and find money. Her sleepwalking is not only frightening her family, but it is also getting in the way of an investigation into the disappearance of a businessman and his young son.
21 2x05 Sweet Dreams 05 October 17, 2005 Moira Kirland Aaron Lipstadt
Allison has flashbacks to her high school years, when the ghost of an old man warned her not to let her best friend leave to follow her dreams of being a model. Allison must connect the flashbacks to the kidnapping of the 'difficult' daughter of one of Devalos' friends, a pornographic video and 4 liters of blood in a car.
22 2x06 Dead Aim 06 October 24, 2005 Melinda Hsu Richard Pearce
A recurring dream of the DA's office staff being slaughtered makes Allison very jumpy at work, which doesn't help when Watt brings in a rival psychic to help defend his client. Meanwhile, for Joe, taking Bridgette to work with him turns out to be not all fun and crayons.
23 2x07 Judge, Jury & Executioner 07 November 7, 2005 Bruce Miller Peter Werner
Joe serves his jury duty on a case against a man accused of murdering his rich wife. Allison starts having visions about the man but D.A. Devalos orders her not to work on the case because of a conflict of interests.
24 2x08 Too Close to Call 08 November 14, 2005 René Echevarria Steven Robman
Allison has a vision that could jeopardize D.A. Devalos' chances for re-election. Meanwhile, Joe runs into an ex-girlfriend from college.
25 2x09 Still Life 09 November 21, 2005 [Craig Sweeny]] Robert Duncan McNeill
Allison is lead to an art gallery where she encounters the art of a popular artist. While looking at some of his paintings three-dimensional images emerge that make her believe that the artist is somehow involved in a crime. Meanwhile, Joe gets a job offer from a former co-worker that his father doesn't want him to take. This episode was presented partly in Anaglyph 3D.
26 2x10 The Reckoning 10 November 28, 2005 Moira Kirland Aaron Lipstadt
Allison dreams about hitting a girl with her car and a woman whose house is haunted. She finds out that the woman killed herself. Now Allison must try to put all the pieces together.
27 2x11 Method to His Madness 11 January 2, 2006 Robert Doherty Peter Werner
A dead man's ego disrupts Allison's life when his "reputation" is on the line. The dead serial killer makes Allison see how he would have chosen victims and tries to make her realize that someone else killed the last victim. However, her altered behavior makes Joe worry about their daughters' well-being.
28 2x12 Doctor's Orders 12 January 9, 2006René Echevarria Helen Shaver

Allison is arrested for assault after she begins to dream of Dr. Charles Walker mentoring doctors to murder young women again. Unbeknownst to her, her daughter Ariel begins to see Dr. Walker and befriends him, unaware of his identity or his relationship to her mother.

29 2x13 Raising Cain 13 January 23, 2006 Craig Sweeny Ed Sherin
Allison dreams about the future of a little boy whose mother tries to kill him. The mother is convinced the boy is evil. The boy seems to have a future as either a killer or a good person. Ariel gets her own bedroom.
30 2x14 A Changed Man 14 February 6, 2009 Bruce Miller Lewis H. Gould
Allison slips and has trouble remembering; a possibility is revealed as to how Allison sees what she sees. A man who has lost his memory may have been a prostitute murderer in the past.
31 2x15 Sweet Child O' Mine 15 February 27, 2006 Moira Kirland Perry Lang
On the anniversary of Allison's miscarriage of her son, she investigates the death of a woman who worked in a coffee shop, and the prime suspect is a young man who reminds Allison of her lost child. Bridget finds a sick dog that is dying.
32 2x16 Allison Wonderland 16 February 27, 2009 Bernadette McNamara
Michael T. Moore
Ronald L. Schwary
Bridgette writes a story after her she hears the last of her favorite stories. Allison helps get justice for a man who died mysteriously while seemingly trying to "complete a mission" for someone.
33 2x17 Lucky in Love 17 March 13, 2006 Robert Doherty David Jones
Allison dreams her brother is involved in a bank robbery, then is worried when he comes to visit. Then he gets involved with a woman who may have been involved somehow in a real robbery.
34 2x18 S.O.S 18 April 17, 2006 Rob Pearlstein Tim Squyres
Allison investigates apparently random killings committed by a serial killer and rapist, endangering her family in the process. Bridgette has to do a class presentation about her mom's job, but is uncertain what her mother does exactly for the District Attorney's office.
35 2x19 Knowing Her 19 April 24, 2006 David Paymer Glenn Gordon Caron
Allison is puzzled by dreams of Detective Scanlon doing drugs on the eve of his wedding. A woman who belongs to a drug dealer family comes to Lee looking for information about her dead "drug mules." Ariel is doubtful when her essay is chosen as the "winner" of a contest while another student's essay seemed much better.
36 2x20 The Darkness Is Light Enough 20 May 1, 2006 Ken Kelsch
Nicolas Wauters
Analisa Brouet
Aaron Lipstadt
Allison repeatedly dreams about a woman who is being watched by a stranger in her bedroom who "steals a kiss" from her. Allison discovers a connection between the dream and an innocent man who is in jail for a murder someone else committed. Molly Ringwald guest stars in this episode as the victim, Kathleen Walsh.
37 2x21 Death Takes a Policy 21 May 8, 2006 Diane Ademu-John Ed Sherin
Allison is plagued by dreams of her own demise, with an enigmatic man of whom she thinks as the Angel of Death (Kelsey Grammer). While helping the DA investigate the murder of a doctor, Allison discovers who the "Angel of Death" really is.
38 2x22 Twice Upon a Time 22 May 8, 2009 René Echevarria Ronald L. Schwary
Distressed from work, Allison falls asleep and dreams of a whole new life in which she is a successful attorney married to her childhood sweetheart, Johnny Dunham. But in her new life, she still has psychic visions which her Johnny dismisses.