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Season 6

September 25, 2009
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Home Video Release

October 5, 2010 (US); July 25, 2011 (UK); July 7, 2011 (GER); July 21, 2011 (R4)

Season Six of Medium Premiered September 25, 2009 on CBS and ended May 21, 2010. Season six would be the first to last season to air on CBS despite it's ratings. After it's season finale, the fate of the show was "on the bubble" before CBS announced it would renew the series for a seventh season.[1]. Medium: The Sixth Season was released October 5, 2010 in the USA.

Season Overview

Allison is finally out of her coma after suffering from a brain tumor on her brain stem and at first she can barely use her right hand, but as the season progresses she slowly recovers. The first few episodes Allison walks with a cane and does physical therapy. She got to keep her gift because she delayed the surgery from season 5 at the very end to catch Oswald Castillo. Allison's friend, Rosemary Widdick (Martha Plimpton), who diagnosed with cancer, dies under mysterious circumstances and Allison suspects it was Thomas Statler (Oded Fehr), the man who saved her life.

The Halloween Episode "Bite Me" is a take on Night of the Living Dead where Allison uses her dream to catch a killer who one would never suspect. Another greedy doctor creates a vaccine hoping to make millions by infecting people, but the courageous guy that the doctor gave it to, killed himself.

Joe gets a new job, but to his dismay he gets to work with a very eccentric employer, Keith Bruning (Joel Moore). After Terry (Joe's last boss) sold the company, the people that bought it out wanted to keep Joe on working three days a week in San Diego, but when Allison got sick he had to resign his position.

By now, all three girls are growing up. Ariel graduating high school and Allison learns a valuable lesson when she tries desperately to get Ariel to do the things she does, but soon realizes, Ariel has to live her life and move on and the college she wants to attend is Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. Lee and Lynn have a baby and are married in the final episode.




Home Video Release

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