Season 1
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January 3, 2005
She sees What others Can't
Home Video Release

June 13th, 2006 (US); August 14, 2006 (UK); November 2, 2006 (GER); September 7, 2006 (R4)

Season One of Medium Premiered January 3 2005 on NBC and ended May 23, 2005, with a total of sixteen episodes. Its home video release, Medium: The Complete First Season (2005) was released June 13th, 2006 in the USA.

Season Overview

When Allison DuBois finally decides to confront her demons and put her gift of mediumship to good use, she is employed by a skeptical District Attorney Manuel Devalos to build cases and solid jury selection against convicted criminals and corrupt political figures. Throughout the series, she deals with the fact that her job slowly begins to take more and more time from her family life. Her two daughters, Ariel and Bridgette slowly begin to come into their own abilities as mediums, tackling dreams connected to murders or lost spirits of children their own age.

Allison husband Joe, slowly grows frustrated with her job and their relationship is tested when a serial killer begins killing young women in the Phoenix, effectively driving a wedge between husband and wife when she begins losing what little time she has at home with the family.


Principal Cast


Home Video Release

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Episode Summaries

# Image Episode Name Ep # Original Airdate Written by Directed by
1 1.1 Pilot 01 January 3, 2005 Glenn Gordon Caron Glenn Gordon Caron
Hoping to prove to Allison that her dreams are stress induced, her scientist husband, Joe, sends descriptions of Allison's visions to a number of law enforcement agencies, expecting nothing to come of it. To his surprise, one of Allison's dreams bears an eerie similarity to a Texas homicide case involving a 17-year-old murder suspect. The case pits Allison against Capt. Kenneth Push, a cynical Texas Ranger who is suspicious of her psychic abilities. By the end of the investigation, Capt. Push has a new respect for Allison and she makes a life-altering decision of her own.
2 1.2 Suspicions and Certainties 02 January 10, 2005 Glenn Gordon Caron Vincent Misiano
Allison finally gets a call from her old boss, D.A. Devalos, who needs her help in selecting a jury who will return the death penalty for a twisted murderer/rapist. Initially, she is certain of her power to do good, but Allison suffers a crisis of confidence when she suspects she's put the wrong man on death row.
3 1.3 A Couple of Choices 03 January 17, 2005 Glenn Gordon Caron; Michael Angeli Jeff Bleckner
When Allison dreams of a husband and wife's murder/suicide, she blames the dream on an episode of Maury Povich until D.A. Devalos introduces her to his friend, Detective Lee Scanlon. For two years, Scanlon has been trying to track down the person he believes murdered his sister and her husband whose deaths were ruled a murder/suicide. Devalos thinks that Alison may be able to help Scanlon, but once he learns about her gift, Scanlon reacts with anger and skepticism. When Allison's theories start to pan out, Scanlon begins to realize that her powers may in fact be real - and they may be able to stop the killer before he murders again.
4 1-04-Night-of-the-Wolf-medium-10683576-1270-703 Night of the Wolf 04 January 24, 2005 René Echevarria Artie Mandelberg
When Allison overhears a murder witness giving a false report to a police sketch artist, she tries to persuade D.A. Devalos that they are looking for the wrong man. A recurring nightmare that she is being chased through the airport by a vicious wolf holds the key that can save Allison when she comes face to face with the real murderer. Meanwhile, six-year-old Bridgette has a new playmate, which means Allison may not be the only DuBois family member who sees dead people.
5 1.5 In Sickness and Adultery 05 January 31, 2005 Michael Angeli Aaron Lipstadt
When Joe undergoes a medical procedure, Allison is very concerned and frustrated that her "gift" can't shed light on her husband's health. She consults Catherine, the psychic who befriended her in the pilot episode. Catherine reassures her about Joe's health, but warns Allison that she will face a crisis involving a third person. When Allison has a vision of Joe with a mystery woman, she becomes suspicious that he is having an affair. Meanwhile, Allison is conflicted about whether or not to lie about her "gift" on the stand in the murder trial of a wife killer whose victim she helped police find -- until Catherine comes to her aid, offering a unique solution.
6 1.6 Coming Soon 06 February 3, 2005 Moira Kirland Vincent Misiano
When a good Samaritan shows up at the D.A.'s office to offer information on a recent burglary, Allison is convinced that he is a heinous serial killer of young women who has been haunting her dreams. In her effort to produce evidence against him, Allison tracks down a victim named Sharona who still appears very much alive. Meanwhile, Joe wonders if Allison's obsession with the suspected killer is due to the possibility that she is pregnant again.
7 1.7 Jump Start 07 February 14, 2005 Melinda Hsu Artie Mandelberg
After Allison dreams about a young woman who commits suicide by jumping off a cliff, clues from the dream lead her to discover the body of a girl in a ravine. The crime is complicated when the dead girl's boyfriend, Gregg, turns out to be the son of defense attorney Larry Watt who had previously threatened to expose Allison's gift in court. While physical evidence implicates the senior Watt in the girl's death, Allison is convinced that the victim is trying to reveal the truth to her. Meanwhile, Joe is concerned about a colleague's health after Allison has a premonition.
8 1.8 Lucky 08 February 21, 2005 David Folwell Peter Werner
Allison is emotionally drained when she awakens from a dream of her brother Michael being killed while serving in Afghanistan for the U.S. Army. Allison has added stress when she is given a frustrating arson case in which a young victim knows more than she is willing to reveal.
9 1.9 Coded 09 March 14, 2005 Moira Kirland Bill L. Norton
Allison's oldest daughter dreams of a girl who looks just like her being held prisoner by an ogre in a castle far away, Allison and Joe enlist the help of D.A. Devalos and Detective Lee Scanlon to figure out the mystery.
10 1.10 The Other Side of The Tracks 10 March 14, 2005 Chris Dingess Eric Laneuville
Allison's recurring dream of two young boys who are racing a train only to become separated when one gets across the track and the other doesn't leads her to Professor Leonard Cardwell whose area of expertise is communication with the afterlife. Meanwhile, D.A. Devalos enlists Allison's help with a 14-year-old confessed murderer.
11 1.11 I Married A Mind Reader 11 February 21, 2005 René Echevarria Duane Clark
Allison is sick. The medicine she takes makes her have strange dreams - stranger then usual dreams. She dreams she is involved in a very old TV show called I Married A Mind Reader. She's not sure the real life murderer is the right person.
12 1.12 A Priest, a Doctor and a Medium Walk Into an Execution Chamber 12 March 28, 2005 Wendy Mericle Peter Werner
Devalos decides that Allison should view an execution of a death row inmate so she can see the seriousness of her job. But when the girlfriend of the inmate is killed, and the inmate's ghost is seen at the crime scene, Allison is brought in to investigate. Also, Allison discovers a dark secret about the mother of a boy that Ariel has a crush on.
13 1.13 Being Mrs. O'Leary's Cow 13 April 25, 2005 Lois Johnson Gloria Muzio
Vivid images of a plane crash killing everyone on board rock Allison's dreams. She finally locates the pilot, who is holding a dark secret of his own. Eventually, Allison is forced to decide between turning in the killer or saving the lives of hundreds of people.
14 1.14 In The Rough 14 May 2, 2005 René Echevarria Duane Clark
Things go from bad to worse when Allison's mother-in-law comes to visit. A once-closed case is re-opened to try to find out if the convicted person is actually innocent. Things are not as they seem as Allison realizes there could be a set-up involved.
15 1.15 Penny For Your Thoughts 15 May 9, 2005 Moira Kirland Aaron Lipstadt
Allison has a dream about a teenage girl brutally murdered by her doctor, with a third person also being present at the murder. When Allison finds out about the identity of this mysterious man, she decides to meet a doctor who had been convicted of a very similar crime more than a decade before and is now under psychiatric supervision. Allison meets the girl whom she saw in her dreams in a place she would not have expected.
16 1.16 When Push Comes to Shove (Part 1) 16 May 23, 2005 Chris Dingess Aaron Lipstadt
Allison has difficulties balancing her work and private life. In her work, Captain Push tries to help her to find a serial killer, who leaves a Biblical citation at the scene of murder. The two are trying to find the link between the victims, while Allison's family life and Captain Push's health are at risk. Captain Push literally puts his life on the line to help Allison find a serial killer before he can claim his next victim.