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Season 5

February 2, 2009
See the world through her eyes
Home Video Release

October 6, 2009 (US); August 30, 2010 (UK); July 30, 2010 (GER); July 1, 2010 (R4)

Season Five of Medium Premiered February 2, 2009 on NBC and ended June 1, 2009. Season five would be the last season to air on NBC due to a negotiations breakdown between CBS, Glenn Gordon Caron and NBC over the episode order. Within 24 hours of it's cancellation by NBC, CBS announced that they'd picked up the series for a sixth season. Medium: The Fifth Season was released October 6, 2009 in the USA.

Season Overview

Allison's position as consultant to District Attorney's office is reinstated and she returns to work for Manuel Devalos. Her husband, Joe finds work with a opportunistic entrepreneur, Terry Cavanaugh (Ned Schmidtke), who, once he learns of Allison's abilities, wants and expects Allison to dream up winning stock prices.

In the meantime, Allison's work attracts the attention of a religious zealot, Lucas Harvey, who believes she is the devil made flesh. The Dubois family finds themselves being the deranged fanatic, who proceeds to haunt their home even after his death at the hands of the Phoenix Police.

Next, Allison is given the job opportunity of a lifetime by a woman named Caitlyn Lynch (Tracy Pollan) of the Lydecker Corporation. However, Allison isn't aware that Caitlyn is a medium and looking to protect the boss whose son is a serial killer by hiring her because of her connection to the District Attorney. Former AmeriTips employee, Cynthia Keener (Anjelica Huston) makes a final appearance trying to help a girl that was raped and kidnapped years earlier, only to do exactly the same thing to the man who kidnapped her.

The season ends on a bad turn; Allison discovers she has a brain tumor located in her brain stem, but puts off her surgery to catch Oswaldo Castillo, the head of a Drug Cartel that kills her family in the future. Allison survival is left in question after Castillo is caught and she collapses from complications related to her tumor.




Home Video Release

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