Maria Lark
Maria Lark (Medium, 2009-2010)
Maria Lark as Bridgette DuBois in Medium
Character(s) Bridgette DuBois
Date of Birth June 20, 1997
Origin Siberia, Russia
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Maria Lark (born June 20, 1997) is an American child actress, best known for her role as Bridgette DuBois in the NBC-CBS drama, Medium.

Early Life

Lark was born in Siberia, Russia, on June 20, 1997. She was adopted by Peggy Lark, a single mother, and became a U.S. citizen. She attended a private school in New York City before moving to Redondo Beach, California to pursue her acting career.


Since 2005, she has starred as Bridgette DuBois on the NBC/CBS television drama Medium with Patricia Arquette. She has made four appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. On May 15, 2007, she met Orlando Bloom, whom she said she had a crush on at an earlier appearance of the show.

On September 3, 2006, Lark became the youngest person ever to co-host ABC's The View. As of 2010, she still is a part of Medium. She appeared in the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards. Lark is voiced in television series called Starring Dominic, she is voiced Kelly Tseng in Nickelodeon.

Lark's mother was contacted by an children's acting scout who expressed interest in the child. Her mother declined the offer, not wanting her daughter involved in show business. However, as a single parent with a daughter attending a private school in New York City, the scout persuaded her by informing her that one commercial could pay for a whole years tuition, and she allowed her daughter to audition for commercials.

This lead to an audition for Medium. Lark landed the role of the middle daughter, Bridgette, and began playing the role in 2005. Peggy Lark did, however, appear as a reporter on Falcon Crest, so would know that Maria could pay for college with acting jobs.

In 2012, Lark appeared in the TV movie "Kirby Buckets" playing Dawn Buckets.[1]

Personal Life

Maria currently resides in Redondo Beach, California. She was born in Russia but was adopted by an American woman.


  • As of 2006, Maria is currently the youngest ever co-host of The View.

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