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"I don't know what to tell you."
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The following character subpage details the various alternate versions of Joe DuBois from dreams or possible futures that appeared in Medium.

Season 2

"Twice Upon a Time"

Season 3

"Very Merry Maggie"

Season 5

"Apocalypse... Now?"

"How to Make a Killing in Big Business: Part 1"

"Bring Me the Head of Oswaldo Castillo"

Season 6

"Bite Me"

When Allison when dreams she is Barbra from the 1968 film, Night of the Living Dead, Joe assumes the identity of a man named Dale Cosgrove.[1] Dale has taken shelter inside the house, now surrounded by the living dead, with his daughters, Isabel, Mabel and Bella Cosgrove.

Though Allison recognizes him as her husband, Dale doesn't recognize her. Dale worked to barricade the room he, Allison and his daughters retreated inside when the zombies began to overrun the house. However, when the undead broke the barricade, Dale and his daughters were sacrificed by Allison who locked them out of the room she ran into to save herself.

As a result they are killed the zombies. Later, when Allison escapes, she is locked in the back of a truck trailer. Inside, Dale and his daughters, now zombies, shamble over to her with the intention of eating her alive.

"It's a Wonderful Death"

Season 7

"Me Without You"